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ORLEANS-Pickup Schedule-2024
Weekly Pickup by Street


Place all recyclable materials inside the recycling bins provided by the county. All recyclables can be placed out bi-weekly inside the recycling bin on the same day as trash pick up. Please place recycling bin away from garbage so driver can see it.

What Can I Recycle?


The equivalent of 6 bags or cans of normal municipal solid waste including: garden and yard waste, ashes, (cold ashes only), plaster, stones, bricks and building materials.

DO NOT INCLUDE: tires, pesticides, oils, solvents, flammable liquids, explosives, animal carcasses, fecal matter, industrial waste, other regulated hazardous waste or building materials left by a contractor.

Place garbage in 20 or 30-gallon watertight cans with covers and handles, or (3 mil minimum) plastic bags. Do not use shopping bags. Limit of 60 pounds per container. Securely tie bundles of brush and building materials in lengths of no longer than 4 feet and within a 60-pound limit.

E-WASTE (MICROWAVES, TELEVISIONS, and COMPUTER equipment) will no longer be picked up. Please take it to the nearest Electronic Recycling facility:
E-Waste Locations, Hours, and Accepted Materials
Cell Phone Disposal & Reuse
Genesee County ARC: 3785 W. Main St. Rd. Batavia, NY; 343-4203
Tube Televisions and Monitors are accepted at $0.20 per pound.
Please refer to the NYS DEC website to learn how to dispose of Tube Televisions and Monitors by brand:
For car donations (both working and non-working), visit:

For Collection

Place garbage and recyclables at the roadside, within 5 feet of the road, before 6:00 am on your pickup day. If you have a ditch in front of your property, place garbage and recyclables between the road and the ditch.

Garbage and recyclables will be collected on the same day in separate trucks, at different times during the day.

Large Items

A large item is any refuse that cannot be placed in cans or bags easily. ONLY ONE LARGE ITEM WILL BE PICKED UP EACH WEEK AT THE ROADSIDE.  Refrigerator doors and shelves must be removed and the customer must call Modern Disposal (# below) on the FRIDAY prior to their scheduled pickup day. Large items will be collected on the same day as regular service and placed in the compactor truck. These items shall include, but are not limited to furniture, mattresses and box springs, carpets, appliances, Christmas trees, or carpeting (rolled and tied 4 foot lengths).

Special Collection

If you have a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner or dehumidifier to dispose of, please put these items out on your collection day during the last full work week of each month. Any of these items will be considered your large item for that week. A separate vehicle will collect these items the day after the regular service day. Doors must be removed.


Paint Cans-the lid must be off and the cans are to be set next to the trash can so the driver can see that the contents are dry. Clump-able cat litter can be used to dry up any contents prior to disposal.
Cold Ashes-must be cold and contained either in a bag or a cardboard box so the ashes do not go airborne as they are placed in the truck.

Holiday Schedule

New Year’s Day / Memorial Day / Independence Day / Labor Day / Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day

If your collection day is on, or follows any of these holidays during the week, then your collection will be one day late.

How To Get A Recycling Bin

Orleans County will be providing new recycling bins in the month of June 2019. The new bi-weekly pick up, for recycling only, will begin in July 2019. Call (800) 330-7107. If you have built a new home, you are entitled to a free bin. Just present your property tax receipt, showing that the garbage collection fee has been paid, to the Real Property Service Office.

New Recycling Bins

Updated Information About Recycling Program

Please call 716-754-8226 with questions.
Office hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.