Hunting and Fishing licenses are available through the Town Clerk’s office, which is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 4:30pm. Below are most season dates and prices. More information can be found at NYS Department of Environmental Concern.

Hunting Season Dates:

Hunting Seasons – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation


Hunting (Small and Big Game):  $22
Deer Management Permit Application:  $10
Military Disabled Hunting:  $5
Bowhunting Privilege:  $15
Bowhunting (40%+ Military Disabled or 70+ years):  No fee
Muzzleloading:  $15
Muzzleloading (40%+ Military Disabled or 70+ years): No fee
Junior Bowhunting (12-15 yrs): $4
Junior Hunting (12-15 yrs):  $5
Turkey Permit:  $10
Duck Stamp: $25  (not available at town clerk’s office, please visit a Post Office)
Fishing: $25
Fishing (40%+ Military Disabled or 70+ years): $5
Seven Day Fishing: $12
One Day Fishing: $5
Trapping: $20

Picture taken in the Town of Ridgeway, July 2014