Shared Services Update

The Village of Medina, the Town of Ridgeway and the Town of Shelby continue to work toward sharing services or “Shared Services.” Currently, this is being handled in an informal manner between the Mayor and the Supervisors.
Some of the projects we are working on include:
• Renewing our ambulance contract (this is also be done in conjunction with the Town of Yates and the Village of Lyndonville
• Investigating the potential cost savings of hiring a mutual engineer
• Combining assessing services (this also includes the Town of Yates and the Village of Lyndonville)
In addition to these projects, we would also like you to know that the mayor and supervisors speak to each other on an informal basis to help with day-to-day projects that arise. One of the most notable projects is Pride Pak & its development. This is a joint cooperation project that started in Ridgeway and, now, is in Medina and Shelby.

Additional information will be posted on each municipalities website as it becomes available.