Town Supervisor supervisor
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The Town Supervisor  is an elected official who act as leaders of the town’s legislative branch. Working with board members, working with citizens, performing financial duties and administering the decisions of the board are the primary job duties of a Town Supervisor.


The Town Supervisor acts as leader of the town board, the selected citizens of the town who gather and decide on issues of policy and procedure that directly affect the town and its residents. The Town Supervisor has no executive powers and cannot veto any decisions or break any ties during votes. However, the Town Supervisor can use his or her legislative power and leadership skills to influence the board. The Town Supervisor also incorporates the concerns of those not part of the board to ensure that their concerns are considered during board meetings.


Besides working with the Town Board, the Town Supervisor’s other primary duty is maintaining accurate records of the town’s finances.The Town Supervisor is responsible for the budget and the distribution of funds. In addition to those financial duties, the Department of State Handbook for the State of New York also asserts that the town supervisor must keep an accurate record of financial transactions and facilitate property sales and purchases.


In addition to hearing the concerns of the members of the Town Board, the Town Supervisor must also regularly meet with non-members, those who elected the members of the board and the supervisor. The Town Board meetings are open to the rest of the community, and this is one way that the Town Supervisor works with the citizens of the town.


The Town Supervisor serves for four years. Once elected, the Town Supervisor’s term begins on the first day of an even-numbered year. If unable to serve, the position is held by the deputy supervisor, who is also a member of the town board.